Thursday, 7 July 2011

Working From Home Forever: Day 25

You know those kids that would sometimes come in to your school, like maybe one day a week, because they were home-schooled but their parents thought it would be good to normalise them a bit, get them interacting with the stupid kids? Do you remember how smug those kids were, because they knew so much more than the rest of us, and they thought that was a good thing?! But nobody else liked them because they were completely not normalised and they had inhalers and crusty skin flakes and briefcases and stuff. Do you remember them?

Well I am one of them now... I have ALLERGIES!

AKA hayfever.

This is almost definitely a symptom of working from home - I'm just not strong enough to cope with seasons or plantlife anymore. I have drugs now, so that I can breathe properly, and wake up not thinking I'm in my own personal, dry-throated Hell. It may not be long before I need machinery to breathe at all.


I'm OK with it...


  1. I get really bad hay fever when I'm at home too! People keep telling me it's because my house is probably dusty, and I'm probably allergic to the dust, and that I should probably hoover. Which is true. I should. But part of me resents the idea that the solution could be as simple as "get the vacuum out of the cupboard under the stairs and use it" (at least, I think that's where the vacuum lives, I haven't seen it in a few months). Also I hate hoovering. So I sneeze my way through the summer.

  2. God, I hadn't even thought about cleaning! How often is one supposed to dust/hoover? I currently do it every time we have house guests (if they're sleeping over), which feels about right to me...