Thursday, 3 November 2011

NaNoWriMo, Day 3: You Can Never Go Home Again(?)

Today was a nice writing day. I did a bit before work, a bit at lunch, and a lot after work. I wrote fewer words than the previous days, but I think they're better, more engaging ones, so I'm not too sad about it. And it was still something like 2,500, and that's a lot.

I'm past all the scene-setting now and in to the fun-happening. I realise that first chapters should be fun too, as they're the most read, and I'm sure that some parts of my first chapters are fun to read, but they weren't always fun to write. My third chapter has been super fun to write. I've set it in the village I grew up in, and have inadvertently led the reader from the local car park to my old house. Is that legal if you don't live there anymore...?

Also, I'm already having to move back some plot points because I've written more fully than I'd planned, so I imagine my beloved storyboard is going to look quite different when this is all over. Maybe I'll post another picture of it after the first week to show you how it's changed. Would you like that? I bet you would.

That's it for today. I'm going out for a fancy dinner (here) and won't be back til late. Did you notice how I didn't even mention a graph today? I am so over graphs. My face though, is smiling, so that's something.

Current word count: 9358

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