Monday, 7 November 2011

NaNoWriMo, Day 7: We're in Heaven

We're not really in Heaven. It just rhymes with seven. Having said that, I have started getting in to the religious aspects of the novel a bit more today, which will play a bigger and bigger part as the novel progresses. That's fun.

I like talking about religion and people who follow religion; it makes me feel like my first degree wasn't a big fat waste of time. It is quite difficult writing about religion in a way that is both funny and inoffensive, but I suppose the beauty of NNWM is that you don't overthink or talk yourself out of these kinds of things.

I'm now pretty far ahead of schedule (five days), so I should comfortably meet the deadline. In fact, all going well, I am hoping to get something like 60-70k down, and beyond that, I will hopefully keep going until I reach the end of the book (I'm guessing about 80k, but WHO KNOWS?!)

Tomorrow, I'll be travelling for work, for the first time this month. Which means, I'll basically only have the train from Bristol to Didcot and back again to do any writing. Hopefully this will be enough. Blogging may be difficult...

Current Word Count: 20,974

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