Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Working From Home Forever (Not Working & Not At Home)

I am on holiday and it is nice! We're in a village outside of Salcombe in Devon, and it has rained for a large part of the day, and for an equally large part of the week so far. Given that we're at the seaside and this is supposedly Summer, one could get depressed about this kind of thing, but I am not and this is why:

1) I quite like the rain. It's cool and means you aren't a sweaty mess when you get to the top of great big hills like this:

2) It makes the sea look WAY more impressive than boring old blue skies.

3) You get to stay in pubs all day instead of having to all that afore-mentioned walking. I do like walking, obviously, and it is an infinitely more enjoyable means of getting to place on two legs than, say, jogging or... walking sideways. It's just that I like even more being in pubs. (I don't have a photo of this but look at my companions atop a hill!)

4) Waves! (Depth perception is not my camera's strong point but if you spin around a bit before looking at the next photo, and then turn on some kind of industrial wind machine, you will appreciate the lengths I went to take it.)

5) It's Burgh Island, of course. If it were sunny, it would be all wrong. Going there with a dark storm approaching/a little bit underway, I really got the sense that a murder could happen at any moment. It nearly did happen when the pub ran out of crab baguettes, to be honest.

And this is my grey holiday, or today's portion at least. I wonder if I should start championing the 'holi-grey' or if I should keep it to myself, lest other tourists start appearing in the supposed off-season. Yes, this will be our little secret. Do not tell anyone!

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  1. Hey Rhys,
    Yep i agree blue skies would be boring! Will look forward to tomorrows photos!