Monday, 13 June 2011

In the beginning...

Did I just compare this blog to the Bible? I think I did. Well the Bible started it! John's gospel, much? *snarf*

Anyway, I am starting this blog to chronicle this new era of my life. Today is the first day that I am Working From Home Forever. That is the name I have given to the new era, the one I just told you about. See, basically, I have, for the time being, paused my high-flying career as a low-level editor at a high-profile publishing conglomerate in order to pursue my REAL dream of becoming a novelist (I want to attach a 'sorry' every time I write that but I will quell that desire for at least this post).

So I haven't actually quit my job (though not for lack of trying, in my defence), but instead I've moved from being office-based in Oxford to being home-based in Bristol.

Being the neurotic, sociable and  needy person that I am, it's quite possible that this new era (Working From Home Forever era) just might turn me into a mental. And I'd love it if you came to watch.

On top of the afore-mentioned chronicle, I'll also be doing a kind of writing-tip kind of blog, with a heavy slant towards comics and novels because those are what I mostly read and write. Also, inspired purely by the name that I just made up, I may also write about mysteries.



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  1. I want to apologise every time I say I want to be a writer, too. Let's get T-shirts. Or at least badges.